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CROPThe young adult community at First Baptist Church of Asheville is diverse and growing. We strive to be an authentic community of deep-spirited friends who support and encourage one another along the often complex journey of faith and life. You'll find young professionals, grad students, couples, singles, parents of children and/or youth, and some who are pushing the term “young” adult. Our aim is to provide young adults with the tools to live a whole and balanced life. Through Bible study, fellowship activities, and missions, young adults are challenged to think theologically about life, broadened beyond its immediate interests, deepened from its shallow activities, interpreted from a Christian perspective, and directed toward a Christian purpose.

We meet weekly to worship, fellowship, and study God’s Word together. We want our ministry to be welcoming and encouraging, whether you can come every week or not, and regardless of whether you attend FBCA or not.

Our young adults are also active in all aspects of life at First Baptist Church of Asheville. Our philosophy in young adult ministry is not that we would create young adult only versions of already successful programs but that having a place to connect with one another will encourage and mentor young adults into participation into the church family as a whole. So our young adults are youth group leaders, Bible study teachers, worship care volunteers, deacons, council members, mission project leaders and participants, worship leaders, and so much more.

Sunday morning Bible study is one starting point to discover your place in the young adult community. We have three main groups.


This Bible study group is made up of our younger adults, single or married (loosely ages 22-30).

Each Sunday morning, this group meets for an interactive conversation about faith and doubt, life and love. During Eastertide, we are continuing our study of the Good and Beautiful Life, identifying and replacing the false narratives we tell ourselves that prevent us from living the abundant life Jesus came to give.

  • Kairos Tuesday Evening Supper Club - Come hang out with a small group of friends (post-college, around ages 22-30) for this time to share food, laughter, and what's going on in our lives. This gathering happens every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at a local restaurant or someone's home. If you are interested in joining in, contact Tommy Bratton.


Polaris is an opportunity for young adults (young professionals in their late 20's and 30's) to meet and discuss a current topic, touch on difficult issues and find appropriate applications of God's message in these challenging times. This group is taught by Eddie Morgan each Sunday morning.   

  • For more information about Polaris and to see their upcoming calendar of events, click here


The Proclaimers Bible Study group is comprised mostly of parents (single and couples) of children and youth. Kris Pratt, who teaches theology at Spartanburg Methodist College, is their Sunday morning teacher. The group relies on interactive discussion as it studies biblical texts and seeks to apply God's message to their lives today.


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For more information on any of these groups, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the church office at 828.252.4781.