Maybe you missed a recent sermon or Bible Study or want to listen again.  Or, it could be you’d like to share something you heard with a friend.  That’s why we have these sermons available for listening online or for downloading to your own computer or mp3 player.  Below are the twenty most recent sermons and Bible studies, in order by date.  

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Past sermons and Bible studies are also available for free on iTunes at our podcast site.  There, you may download or subscribe to podcasts of sermons and Bible studies.

If there is a sermon or Bible Study not listed here (or on iTunes) that you would like, please contact Ashley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 252.4781.

Save Name Play Length
download The Gospel of Matthew - Week One
Mack Dennis

50:05 min
download Baptism Fit for a King
Mack Dennis

15:53 min
download Listening in the Wilderness
Will Raybon

10:45 min
download The Gospel of Matthew - Week Three
Mack Dennis

59:46 min
download An Unexpected Sign
Mack Dennis

13:24 min
download Joseph Was a Righteous Man
Mack Dennis

18:30 min
download Folk Advent Service

48:27 min
download Blessed Are the Unoffended
Mack Dennis

19:15 min
download Emphasizing Incarnation - The Twelve Days of Christmas
Kris Pratt

52:56 min
download Delighting in Peace
Mack Dennis

15:41 min
download A Royal Waste of Time, Part 4: New Creation / Celebration
Mack Dennis

51:39 min
download A Hopeful Rebuke
Mack Dennis

20:23 min
download Astonished Gratitude: Taking Nothing for Granted
Mack Dennis

43:03 min
download Following a Crucified King
Mack Dennis

15:46 min
download A Royal Waste of Time, Part 3: Salvation / Proclamation
Mack Dennis

56:47 min
download Where Former Things Are Forgotten
Mack Dennis

18:40 min
download All Saints Day Reflections
Leah Brown

8:26 min
download A Royal Waste of Time, Part 1: Creation / Gathering
Mack Dennis

53:32 min
download Should We Be Religious?
Mack Dennis

13:07 min
download A Life Well-Lived
Mack Dennis

17:06 min