Special Business Meeting • Sunday, December 29

At their meeting on December 2, the Deacons voted to recommend to the congregation the adoption of our Budget for 2014. On December 29, at the conclusion of worship, we will vote on that recommendation. The recommended budget is almost exactly the same as the draft budget we’ve been pledging toward throughout the fall, with the exception of reductions to the Personnel Section of the Budget. Because of reduced health insurance premiums and reconfiguration of vacant support staff positions, the Personnel section of the budget and the overall recommended budget are $29,156 less than we initially thought they would be. Every other category of the recommended budget remains the same as it was in the draft budget. The congregation will vote, therefore, on 2014 Budget which totals $2,110,070, a 1% increase over the 2013 Budget.

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General Information

The proposed 2014 Mission and Ministry (General) Budget is far more than “numbers on a page.” It’s an overview of the mission and ministry initiatives that will help us live-out our commitment to be “a community of faith, centered on Jesus Christ and committed to his purposes in the world.” It outlines many of the ways we will offer “freedom, friendship, and faith” to our community.

The proposed budget reflects our hope to increase hands-on missions and ministry involvement; to enhance the ways we nurture the faith of all of our members, especially our children and youth; and to sustain our vibrant ministries of worship, music, fellowship, and pastoral care. Funding the proposed budget will be one expression of our intention to be the voice, hands, and feet of Jesus in our region and around the world.

We have arranged the budget categories to reflect our Collaborative Ministry Model, with each of the mission and ministry sections of the budget corresponding to the Ministry Council.

Income for this budget will come largely from pledges in two categories:

• Commitments to the General Budget

• Commitments to Building/Debt Retirement

Budget Preparation and Stewardship Leaders

Bill Arledge

Celeste Collins, Finance Committee Chair

Buddy Corbin

Mary Cunningham, Budget Planning Chair

Charlie Glazener, Stewardship Committee Chair

David Blackmon, Coordinating Pastor

Wally Davids, Operations and Finance Manager

Guy Sayles, Pastor

Important Dates to Remember

Budget Vote - Sunday, December 29 - Following worship.


Percentage of  2013
Overall Budget

Percentage of  2014
Proposed Budget
 Missions (Baptist Partnerships and
Community Hands-On)
 $10.00%  10.98%
 Ministries and Programs  18.75%  19.77%
 Personnel  52.80%  50.68%
 Supportive  4.97%  5.28%
Building and Grounds 13.48% 13.29%
Total 100.00% 100.00%

From the Budget Planning Chair

The 2014 Proposed Mission and Ministry Budget has been thoughtfully prepared for you by staff and volunteers serving on church ministry councils, teams, and support committees. Although the budgeted expense increase of 2.82% is a modest one, it packs a powerful punch in terms of outreach and ministry and as such, reveals the heart of the church. Two overall themes come through in this budget.

  • Our desire for ministering to those in need.
  • Our willingness as a church family to come together in mutual support and collaboration to make it happen.

The more I study this budget, the more thankful I am for First Baptist Church of Asheville and its staff and volunteers. God has richly blessed us, and this budget allows us to show His love in unique and meaningful ways to others.

As you review this budget, you’ll note that our largest increases are in three areas:

  • Missions and Hands-On Ministry is a proposed $23,500 increase.
  • Worship through our Music Ministry shows a proposed increase of $9,250.
  • Ministry Operational Support is proposing an $8,000 increase for a much needed phone system. Our current system dates before this century.

All three budget increases are in keeping with this church’s emphasis on sharing Christ’s message of love with others in the world. Where possible, administrative and operational expenses remain flat so that this outreach emphasis is financially supported.

We as volunteers were struck by the staff’s willingness to collaborate, sacrifice, and re-align their specific areas of the budget to pave the way for funding a ministry outreach to India this next year. Although a project of this scale is not unprecedented (2008 BWA Youth Conference in Germany), it is a unique and exciting opportunity for our older youth and young adults to grow from and minister to an orphanage in Mussoorie, India. This travel is planned with two purposes in mind:

  • Provide a sacred arts camp for area children involving music instruction, bible stories, and a worship/cultural exchange.
  • Provide construction and repairs to the children’s homes which will allow us to minister in very tangible and necessary ways.

This is a “working, hands-on” project. Funding will occur through a combination of fundraising events, budget expense re-alignment, and individual participant dollars.

We look forward to your prayerful consideration of this project and the 2014 budget that supports it.

— Mary Cunningham
Budget Planning Chair