Stephen Sunday School Class
Teacher, Wayne Jewsbury

These audio recordings are lessons from the Stephen Sunday School Class on Sunday mornings. We are an adult class of mixed gender, age and marital status. We like to focus on in-depth bible study. We are a large class but enjoy a great deal of active inquiry and discussion. It is not a lecture setting with the teacher doing all the talking. Generally, we follow the Formations Adult Bible Study by Smyth & Helwys, but occasionally we insert special lessons from other sources. Certainly, we encourage outside reading from various writers but save the Sunday School hour to focus on the Bible. We believe during good bible study, we will gain understanding. Understanding will lead to enlightenment. Enlightenment will point us to application.

We meet in CB221 and would welcome you to visit our class. We begin at 9:40 AM. The class may appeal to some while others may feel more at home in some of the other wonderful study groups available at FBC. If what you hear in these recordings intrigues you, please consider dropping by so you can put a face to the voices you hear on these recordings. Or, if you miss attending a Sunday with your own class, you might consider listening to these recordings as a way to “make-up” your absence. 

The 20 most recent entries are sorted by date, with the newest on top.  If you need a recording that isn't on this list, contact Ashley in the church office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 252.4781)

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download November 29, 2015: The Servant's Song
Wayne Jewsbury

56:11 min
download November 22: Reading (the Bible) with Understandin
Wayne Jewsbury

52:34 min
download October 11, 2015: 1 Timothy
Wayne Jewsbury

51:55 min
download September 21, 2015: Overview of Romans
Bill Clontz

55:58 min
download September 20: Stewardship Lesson
Wayne Jewsbury

47:55 min
download y86_2015-09-13

48:24 min
download September 6, 2015: Enjoyment of Life
Wayne Jewsbury

50:23 min
download y88_2015-08-30

44:01 min
download y89_2015-08-23

43:39 min
download August 9, 2015
Wayne Jewsbury

48:55 min
download y92_06-28-2015

50:40 min
download June 21, 2015
Wayne Jewsbury

50:37 min
download June 14, 2015: Difficulties in Corinth
Wayne Jewsbury

54:03 min
download May 10: Christ's Abiding Presence
Wayne Jewsbury

41:22 min
download April 19, 2015: The Wisdom of God
Bill Clontz

58:45 min
download April 12, 2015: God's Glory
Wayne Jewsbury

34:06 min
download April 5, 2015: Triumph Over Death
Wayne Jewsbury

47:44 min
download March 16, 2015: Listening for God
Wayne Jewsbury

53:55 min
download Oct 26 2014 Gifts and the Church
Wayne Jewsbury

54:12 min
download Nov 02 2014 When Worlds Collide
Wayne Jewsbury

46:06 min