AC gifts

How has your family made Christmas personal? What are your homemade ideas? 

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Here are a few that we have heard . . .

  1. Mini loaves of quick bread. Wrap the loaves and placed them in small baskets. Add packets of instant spiced cider, cocoa, or tea, and festive napkins. Then tied it up with a bow along with a recipe card for the bread. 

  2. Make pottery 

  3. Make writing paper with hand-drawn doodles and hand-folded envelopes.

  4. Buy organic herbal teas and fair-trade coffees... they don't add to the clutter because they're enjoyed and gone, and they support sustainable businesses! 

  5. Children can make salt dough ornamments and then paint them to give to teachers and other adult friends.

  6. For friends, paint white candles with Christian symbols.

  7. For extended families, make books with old pictures and memories. 

  8. Make calendar for the family with everyone's photos and birthdays. 

  9. Host a cookie exchange instead of a big party for work. Everyone brings cookies or treats - whatever their specialty. 

  10. Make a gift of doing something - singing a song, writing a poem in calligraphy and frame it - for a person. You can make a frame out of driftwood or borken china mosaic or pebbles.

  11. jumble exchange; it works like this. Everyone brings clothes, books, ornaments or toys that they don't really use any more. It all gets laid out on tables or a tarpaulin in the garden (or in the house if you have room). Everyone picks out what they want (no money changes hands). At the end there's a "grand holding up" where everyone is shown what is left. If no-one wants it, it goes to a charity shop (thrift store). Usually there are three or four big bags left over to go to the charity shop.

  12. We bought wax and made homemade candles. My husband carved stamps, we made our own paper and made greeting cards on recycled paper.

  13. Make fudge (it helps to find a really good recipe) and put it in tins. 

  14. Perhaps an alternative to department stores is Ten Thousand Villages which provides vital, fair income to Third World artisans by marketing their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America. 

  15. Make a recording of one of your children singing christmas caroles and/or reading stories for their grandparents and other family that live far away. 

  16. Offer Babysitting coupons for new parents. 

  17. Buy a used book and in the inside cover explain why you chose the book for that person.

  18. If you are skilled in a particular area, offer a lesson or class.

  19. Collect quotes that make you think of someone.

  20. Fill an old trunk or suitcase with fun clothing, hats and gaudy jewelry for your children to play dress-up.

  21. Frame a piece of your artwork.

  22. Videotape and interview your elderly parents about childhood memories, how they met, etc., and give to siblings or children.

  23. Create a menu of various culinary delights (e.g., Tantalizing Thai, Mexican Fiesta, etc.) and have the gift recipient choose one of the options.

  24. Create coupons for a massage, spring cleaning, child-minding, manicure, etc.