Wednesday Bible Study

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Wednesday evening CenterPeace for adults exists to provide large and small-group experiences for people of all ages for inspiration, Christian formation, spiritual conversations, and to equip the saints for ministry. Most weeks, we have a Chapel Bible Study led by one of our ministers. There are often small groups scheduled seasonally that meet around a myriad of topics related to faith and life.

Chapel Bible Study

  • Cuba Missions: Reflections and Projections • April 8 • 6:00 p.m. • Dining Room

Our second team has returned from a meaningful experience with our sister church in Los Tunis, Cuba. They want to share their stories with you in hopes that you will develop a passion for this new mission opportunity. Plans for the coming year might include construction, installing water filtration systems, and sports/day camps for children and youth. Please join us for an informative evening of stories and pictures.

  • Consider the Birds • April 15-22 • Chapel • Led by Tommy Bratton

Join us as we continue exploring the prominent places that birds occupy in scriptural narratives, and discover how they help us discern new layers of meaning as we read the Bible.

  • The Dark Night of the Soul • April 29 – May 13 • Chapel
  • Baptist Heritage Series • May 20-27 • Chapel


Modern Sacred Family • April 15-29 • Room MB304

This group is for parents and/or grandparents who are looking for authentic conversations about living the life of faith in their daily, ordinary life as a family. We will continue exploring how we see God working in the lives of our families, how we can encourage one another along the often inconsistent journey of life and faith, and how we can be intentional about the rhythm of our daily life together. Everyday events — conversations in the car, sharing a meal together, performing chores (or not), laughing together, creating family rituals — all have the potential to be sacred moments. These experiences become lodged in our children’s memories and form who they will become and how their lives and souls will be enriched.