Wednesday Bible Study

CenterPeace for Adults - Wednesdays, April 23-May 28 - 6:00-7:00 p.m.
This hour offers a variety of enrichment groups for exploring faith together, including the Pastor’s Bible Study, Disciple Bible study groups, and other spiritual formation opportunities for adults.

Contact Tommy Bratton at 252.4781 for more information.

Current Offerings

Pastor’s Bible Study: What Did Jesus Believe? • Chapel
Guy Sayles will help us explore Jesus’ own faith, as we discern it in the Gospels. We’ll take a look at what Jesus believed about God, the Scriptures, the Kingdom of God, how to teach, the future, and the purpose of life.

The Gift of Encouragement • MB304 • Led by Tommy Bratton
To be discouraged means to lose heart. To encourage is to seek to restore the heart. This study will look at four common areas in which we may become discouraged: our self, our work, our relationships, and our spiritual lives. Through exploration of scriptures, spiritual practices, and wisdom from the Christian tradition, we will seek to help reorient and center ourselves in the grace of God, seeking to enlarge our view to experience courage and to offer courage to others.

Embracing an Adult Faith • MB303 • Led by Katie Stewart
These sessions will seek to revisit some of Christianity’s most fundamental questions that adults struggle with as faith matures: Who is God? What does salvation mean? What place does Jesus hold in contemporary Christian faith? Using a resource by Marcus Borg, this small group will search for honest and authentic responses to these questions.

He Said What? - A Sermon Discussion Group • MB302 • Led by Bill Brock
Join us to talk about the scripture, the themes, and the challenges of the previous week’s sermon. Worship on Sunday should transform us into the image of Jesus in our daily lives. In this group of trusted friends, we will ask, “How am I going to live out God’s Word to me through the sermon this week and allow its truth to work its way into my life on an entirely different level?” When we know that we will be talking about how to apply the sermon each week, we may not only listen differently, but may also develop a habit of trying to live it out more intentionally.