First Baptist Church of Asheville is a caring and compassionate church which, like Jesus, accepts everyone and is committed to serving our neighbors, community, and world.

Freedom. Friendship. Faith.

Maybe not to everyone, but to us, being Baptist means freedom.  Freedom for people to make up their own minds about God and faith, and to do it at their own pace. Freedom to use the mind as a gift of God — to ask questions, to debate, and, even to doubt. Freedom and equality between women and men, older and younger, rich and poor.

At First Baptist Church of Asheville We celebrate your freedom to be and become all that God made you to be. And, we believe Jesus makes it clear that God loves everyone — the whole world and each person in it. All people deserve our respect and love. So, our hearts and arms are open to everyone —young and old, rich and poor, longtime Christians and seekers after faith.

Mission/Vision: At the intersection of our culture and the kingdom of God, the First Baptist Church of Asheville is a community of faith centered on Jesus Christ and committed to his purposes in the world. We are experiencing transformation into his image, engaging our culture with his will and way, and embracing the wholeness of life he offers.

Core Values: The identity of First Baptist Church of Asheville is centered around five Core Values:

The Lordship of Jesus Christ 
We acknowledge Christ as the foundation of our whole. Jesus is the teacher of our minds, comforter of our hearts, and Savior of our souls. 

The Worship of God
In song, word, and prayer we come together in worship to acknowledge God's power, faithfulness and grace.

The Authority of the Bible
In its pages we find guidance, comfort and the stories of God. We are committed to teaching, learning and living the truths found within.

The Worth of Each Person
The uniqueness of each individual is celebrated from the newest infant to the oldest adult. We are a diverse people, gifted as individuals and blessed as a whole.

The Call to Service and Missions
Committed to being "salt and light" in our world, we are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. As a family of faith we work together, care for each other, and spread the love of God throughout our city, state, nation, and world.


We serve Western North Carolina by offering, within a traditional Christian framework, multiple opportunities for deep, personal and thoughtful engagement in a life of faith.

We have an environment of joy and reverence—of genuine celebration and authentic awe.

We focus on "process," as well as to "product," because we recognize that what we do and how we do it matter.

We honor one another's gifts, respect one another's opinions, and care for one another's needs.

We know that money, influence, and power are, simultaneously, resources and temptations. They can be used for good; they can serve as substitute gods. For that reason, we seek to embody the spirit of Jesus who came "not to be served but to serve."

We are both Baptist and ecumenical in spirit—Baptist in our commitment to freedom and ecumenical in our recognition of the vast diversity created and allowed by God's grace.

We have a sense of gratitude for the gifts and wisdom of our history and tradition and openness to change and innovation which help us to answer God's call.

We are committed to Baptist freedoms: religious liberty, the autonomy of the local church, the priesthood of all believers, democratic church governance, and a commitment to non-coercion in all matters of conscience.

To learn more about our church family, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 828.252.4781.